The difference and application of CVC noise reduction and ANC active noise reduction
May 28 , 2021
Noise reduction is a good protection for people who need to wear headphones for a long time. However, when buying Bluetooth headsets, you will always hear businesses advertising the CVC and ANC noise reduction functions that headsets have. Although they have heard many business descriptions, some people still don't quite understand the difference between the two and their applications.

Now briefly introduce you to these two noise reduction technologies

CVC Noise Reduction (Clear Voice Capture) is a noise reduction technology for call software. The working principle is to suppress various types of reverberation noise through the built-in noise cancellation software and microphone of the headset, that is, it has the function of clearly capturing voice. This is a noise-canceling headset that is beneficial to the other party on the call.

The blue earphones of Qualcomm chip support CVC6.0-8.0

The working principle of ANC Active Noise Control is that the microphone collects external environmental noise, and then the system transforms it into an inverted sound wave and adds it to the speaker. The final sound heard by the human ear is: environmental noise + inverted environment Noise, two kinds of noise are superimposed to achieve sensory noise reduction, and the beneficiary is oneself.

Simply put, the working principle is the interference of sound waves to protect the user's ears.

We have a very useful active noise reduction headset: SOMIC G941 ANC gaming headset

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